Book Week 2013

Something froggy is going on…

‘Tuesday’ for a fortnight in Year 3!

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Year 3 have loved using ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner, as a basis for our learning. We wrote alternative stories, wrote from the frogs’ point of the view, wrote book reviews,sketched frogs, investigated what weight of frog a lily-pad could hold and worked out the area of a frog, in square centimetres! What a great story and what a great two week’s learning!



A frog in the hot-seat!

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As you know the whole school took one picture from the book Tuesday and sketched their interpretations.


In Reception we tried very hard to look at the shape of the frog and its detail. Have a look at some of our sketches below!

Children’s views about Book Week

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Reception were asked “can you tell me about the book Tuesday?”

“It has got lots of frogs in it.” (Felix)

“…and they fly and in the morning they phone the police to find out what happened. Next Tuesday the pigs will fly.” (Jessica)

“…and there were lily pads on the road and when the moon went down the lily pads fell down.” (Andre)


Year 1 and were asked if they enjoyed the book called Tuesday:

“I liked it when the lily pads started to fly.” (Christabel)

“It was great because the frogs and the pigs flew.” (Eshan)

“I liked it when the detective picked up the wet leaf.” (Tillie)

“I think it was amazing because I liked the bit where they were flying and one frog waved his hand.” (Danielle)


Year 3 enthusiastically talked about their favourite parts of the story:

“I liked it when the frogs were doing acrobatics.” (Peter)

“It was very funny when the frogs went through the washing line.” (Isobel)


Year 4 were asked what they thought about using Tuesday as a text for Book Week:

“I think it was really enjoyable.  We don’t usually get to investigate crime scenes and I liked coming in my pyjamas because it feels like home.” (Caolan)

“I really liked Tuesday because we got to write our own stories about flying pigs.” (Nikola)


Year 5 and 6 were asked how Tuesday had been used for other areas of their learning:

“We got to do interviews using the ipads.” (Alex)

“I think the artwork we have done is rally fun.” (Charlie)

“It has been fun. I enjoyed the artwork.  We made FBI reports and used maths in real situations.” Lewis


Our Book Fair

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Our book fair which ran after school was very successful and attended by many families.  We look forward to finding out how much we have raised for our school to spend on new books.  Thank you to all of you who attended.  I would also like to say a big thank you to all of the staff who offered to help run the book fair after school – THANK YOU!

Bedtime Story Day

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As a finale to our successful book week all of the children and staff came to school dressed up in their pyjamas.  This was to encourage children and parents to share a bedtime story at home.  We also invited parents in to share stories with their children at the end of the day.  We had some enthusiastic story tellers and the children loved having their parents at school.

 Assembly Parents Parents1

Froggy Maths

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Our Numeracy Lessons during Book week:

Many classes looked at time during book week because there were some times in the book – in fact the times were the only words in the book really!


Year 1 looked at directional vocabulary and map work related to the story.  Year 3 used coordinates to look at the key places from the story and Year 6 had an FBI investigation linked to the lily pad mystery.

Take One Frog

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The whole school decided to focus on one picture for some dedicated art work.  Every child in the school sketched this picture and we look forward to displaying the finished products in our library soon.  This is the picture we looked at:


 Children also recreated this picture using paint, chalk, pastels, inks.  Take a look at some examples:

Hummm, what is going on here?

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The children of Hillmorton took on the role of being a detective.  The children used the evidence they could see to collect ideas and to come up with possibilities for what might have happened.

Year 3 and Year 4 has special evidence collection books to record their thinking in. 

“Let’s make a list” (Aidan Y4)

“I’m all confused now” (Mateusz Y4)

“I wouldn’t touch that lily pad if were you” (Jodhveer Y4)

Year 5 came up with some interesting hypotheses for what may have occured:

“”The person who has left the lily pads might have done it so they can ambush you in a surprise attack” (Oliver Y5)

“Maybe there was a bomb in a pond and all of the lily pads landed here” (Robert Y5)

Something strange was happening..

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…at Hillmorton Primary School on Monday morning. There were lilly pads everywhere at school and some areas had even been cordoned off!

There are crime scenes everywhere! -Ben (year 5)

Maybe it’s a frog? It’s a mystery! – Megan (year 2)

Everyone is saying it’s Frog School! – Scarlett (year 3)

There are frogs on the loose! – Tiffany (year 5)

It’s raining frogs! – Adam F (year 5)

I think it’s going to be a strange day…-  Child (year 3)

Is there a pond near our school? – Christabel (year 1)

Stay tuned to find out more…